i saw you in my dreams
"I usually hate female vocalists but I loved you!"

Okay, I get it. This is supposed to be a compliment. Somehow our minds have tricked us into thinking that if we take something negative and turn it into to a positive statement, we can exaggerate the compliment given. However, this sort of thing doesn’t tend to flatter me- it just makes me feel weird.

I’ve heard the compliment a few times from various people and almost always with good intentions. I appreciate the thought…but sometimes I just want to scream back in their face “stop with the woman hating!” but i don’t, because I know (at least I hope) that the sexism is unintentional. 

And this doesn’t come just from men. In fact, I’ve heard more women express this sort of compliment more than their counterpart. 

There are many preconceived notions about women in music. I feel one of my many responsibilities is to break that mold, raise confidence for other women to break through and encourage a more open mind about gender roles in music in general. So when you come to me and say that you aren’t usually fond of women in music doesn’t make me feel superior or flattered. And if you say it with sarcasm, I just want to punch you in your stupid mouth. 

My point here: try not insult a group of people just to compliment one. You don’t have to like a certain frontwoman or musician with an X-chromosome, but don’t disrespect them and judge an entire mass of people because of what the media has forced down your throat. We’re all people here. Don’t be a dick.

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