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Interview with Jennifer Bartlett of Fine Fine Titans


Interview with Jennifer Bartlett of Fine Fine Titans


Fine Fine Titans is a post-hardcore band from Grand Rapids, Michigan who have grown over a four year spans with two EP’s one (OMEGA) being the bands most recent EP, and also a few lineup changes. The band are currently on their Sry, Not Sry Tour with supporting band Brighter Than A Thousand Suns. I happened to catch up with vocalist Jennifer Bartlett to talk about the tour its self, Brighter…

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Tour. What comes to mind when the word is spoken?

For me it’s a dream. For as long as my feeble brain can allow me to remember, I’ve been entrenched in the word. I never knew exactly what it would entail but I could assume some shady resting places, very questionable food choices and a bit of…

My tour diary post from the other day. The second is on it’s way! <3FFT


Fine Fine Titans is a cool band.

Hey! Thank you!



Fine Fine Titans is a cool band.

Hey! Thank you!

EXCLUSIVE: Fine Fine Titans Tour Blog #1


EXCLUSIVE: Fine Fine Titans Tour Blog #1


Grand Rapids, Michigan hard rock outfit Fine Fine Titans have quickly become one of the most talked about unsigned bands of 2014. Between their recently released Omega EP, as well as many performances across our great nation, this group has everything going for them and show no signs of slowing their climb to the top of rock’s underground anytime soon.

Today, we are excited and honored to begin…

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I am in no means a pro singer, but I do sing quite a bit at school (~8 hours a week, more if I'm in a show), and the biggest thing that has kept my voice from blowing out and healthier is cutting out dairy products and drinking tea with raw honey. Xo

Oh thanks anon! I can’t do dairy anyway because I’m lactose intolerant but I scream and move a lot in our performances so unfortunately, I need to take extra precautions! I appreciate your advice!

Your silver/gray hair is fantastic. May I ask you what you used for it? If not I totally understand, I sometimes don't like to give away my magic formulas either. :)

No I don’t mind at all! Originally I thought I put the formula on but it may have been removed through all the reblogging. For the fringe and the new growth, I did straight Blue and 10vol and I cut it down with a little 8sm (silver metallic). After that, I melted down the 8sm through the ends! All of this was done with Kenra color and applied to level 10 blonde. :)

7 years ago vs 7 days ago! Guess things don’t change much.

7 years ago vs 7 days ago! Guess things don’t change much.


Here’s some more kindness and heroism to make sure you have faith in humanity. :)

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Luscious Lavender is BACK!!  Check out our NEW 180 Video at www.pravanaconnect.com to get the formula for Hollywood’s hottest hair hue.  

Check out what I did at work.

Photos: Me
Direction: Caisa Airmet
Hair Color and Style: Jamie Muniz

Love your work!

Every time my voice gets weak because of a performance

I start to have an anxiety attack.

There has to be something I can do. How can I keep going like this if all we want to do is keeping making music and touring?

So happy that Under The Gun has decided to share our tour blog!

Tomorrow Tomorrow Tomorrow!!!

Tomorrow Tomorrow Tomorrow!!!


The Rethink Homelessness campaign aims to dispel stereotypes and remind us that the circumstances which lead to living on the streets could happen to each and every one of us.

Hello my sweet followers!

Hello my sweet followers!